Friday Night Fantasy Age

11.13.15 (Tenebris's Journal)

The Night of the Dragon Death Party

The town’s celebration was fun until Yaquin came up asking for what he owed. Why at the party he decided this was important is beyond me. Maybe he felt the weight of the debt. He was pure anger. His ability to speak coherent sentences became very limited. I think he was tempted to use magic on me, but his reason won out.

It appears he thought this was a personal loan between friends and not a business loan with terms and interest. Personal loans are for family and friends. You don’t expect repayment from them, but you want it. You go in full well knowing you might get screwed and it forgive or you have problem with someone close to them. When I loaned him the silver he was just a drunk who only thought day to day. He save a book before one of us. Don’t get me wrong he fought with us since then then my opinion changed slightly, but I don’t trust he will repay me.

I also didn’t account the decreased value of the gold coin because of the lack of trade. So my interest became fairly extreme in light of that, but sometimes you throw something out and see if it sticks. Yaquin proved he not always drunk out of his mind. He can see the difference between reason and insanity.

Breakfast the next morning proved disturbing. Eron was cooking for the inn keeper this morning. Should have known then not to eat any of it. Everyone in the inn melted into a puddle except for us. Looking out the windows and door it was night outside. Closer inspection revealed objects floated (a chair) and it was not just night. There was not other houses and the whole landscape was gone.

We searched the main level and the rooms on the second floor. Meryl found some strangely marked coins skulls on one side and chairs on the back. At the time it seemed weird, but often people don’t see simple connections. Yaquin bit one to test it authenticity. The coin broke in half becoming a bug. He spend several minutes expelling his breakfast.

The cellar was the only unexplored area left. There was a switch on the wall that created light. Why I ignored that when I never seen anything like it in my life before. If they could be created in a cost effective way then people could light their home with less risk of fire hazards.

The cellar had everything you expect. Crates of dried food, wine and beer all with branding that was off from what I expect. We realized the floor in the cellar was crunchy and with closer inspection were bugs that all were converging on Yaquin. We bolted up the stairs to allow him to burn them. He cast the spell from the first floor trying to avoid the wooden stairs, but his aim had the staircase burning. The fire was spreading quickly so he used a water spell. Well if you ever seen water that has been contaminated by peoples waste that was it.

The flames died down. Someone said I hope the disgusting water does not make the fire worse. Well at that moment the flames sprang up stronger. The fire was out of control before we could really fight it. Not wanting to leave the inn I checked the fireplace in the hopes maybe we could use it to survive the fire. The only ones who would fit easily were Meryl or Rath’ss.

Meryl offered to climb up in the hopes maybe something would help us. He climbed up after a rope was fastened to him. He found a talking ferret name Pablo. There are three people at the keep. So there are other structure out in the vast open black space.

So the mage burn down the inn and we ventured forth into the unknown. Pablo was our guide in the ink black world. Sold ground that we could not see. Objects that could float. If you gave any force to an object it would keep going including there the solid ground we couldn’t see. You just try not to think about these things while experiencing them or you waste time.

Pablo would not approach the keep, but from what he said there might be a portal there. Some how this might be that other dimension we sealed in the catacombs. Steve and Fred were guarding the keep, but they had the black eyes. The only way was fighting.

There was a point where Tyrael was getting Necro Goo vomited on her. It reminded me of the infected kobold. After defeating them a half Gurkar half scorpion creature with black eyes was next. We could see the portal inside the keep, but getting past her would not be simple.

This dimension had a strange effect on us. All of us except Meryl starting singing while battling reflection of Gurkar. Then we could talk, but with some bizarre foreign accent. Meryl was only slightly affected. It could be that halflings are more resistant to magical effects of this dimension.
When all the creatures were gone we called to Pablo. He didn’t want to come with us. A bottle of wine Torq had grabbed in the cellar came back with us, but we didn’t appear near the keep. We didn’t appear at all. We never left our seats at breakfast. So we have items from the trip, but how if we never left breakfast. Eron starting laughing.

Great. Was it a dream? Was it real? No time really past. Objects came back with us. People here could see them. Eron caused it with a mixture. Can he repeat it in the event we ever wanted to? Can we control how to get back? Can he send us other places like that? Was he playing around or did he do it on purpose?


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