Friday Night Fantasy Age

10.16.15 (Tenebris's Journal)

Lost Property

This morning Tyrael & Rath’ss had their own business to attend too. Tyrael has always thought her needs are more important then others. The rest of us found new quests (with multiple posts) to find stolen goods. Grukar was the only signature on any of the posts for the missing items. Thena Lycanthorpe the tailor has a missing uncle who been gone two weeks now. I suggested we trade the mushroom for healing potion so Tylilris will have one for emergence. Eron was making some off tasting concoction. I let Torq take my bowel since Eron alchemical skills have proven good and he was eating the stuff himself.

Learning Tholip Lycanthorpe was a botanist I hoped he would be found alive, but an old man without his cane wandering the woods for two weeks is very unlikely to survive. A botanist could be very useful in finding the ingredients Eron needs for his potions. Stopping at the keep to gain more information was a waste of time. Gurkar claims they protect these people, but offered us nothing when trying to get more details. The Duke stays in the keep and has yet to be seen. The guard captain is angry and wants us doing the dirty work for the guard. I understand they are spread to thin, but I feel they are scare and would rather we are the ones risking ourselves.

We found tracks when heading North East into the woods which lead us to a single file path ascending fifty feet into the air. This path was long, narrow and contained turns forcing us to zigzag until reaching a ledge. Half way up six kobold archers revealed themselves hiding from outpost cut form the mountain face. Some of our group were almost unbalanced by the hits from arrows. We scrambled to reach the door in the mountain side while any of us with ranged ability firing back. There was three to either side firing and focusing on one or two of us.

Only one attacker had been dropped before Meryl reached the landing and door. After he had opened the it he hesitated to enter alone. Our group moved with great speed to escape the unobstructed path. I reached Meryl first and pull him inside the mountain to prevent an arrow from falling the halfing. Too my surprise I pulled him in moved past him toward any enemies that might be beyond only to fall in a pit trap. My nimbleness saved me grievous injury from spikes at the bottom.

The timing for the kobolds reloading had left Tylilris and Torq last on the trail as targets. I felt a sigh of relief once time allowed as I climbed out of a second spiked pit; when I realized my sister and best friend were both safe from the arrow barge. Torq was in bad shape, but Tylilris was tending to him.

It was clear out of the three corridors the left and right led to our attacks. I started down the left followed by Khagralie our only warrior on today’s expedition. I wonder what was so important Tyrael would allow Tylilris to quest with only her unreliable brother. It has to be important and I must find out what it could be. I thought Tyrael would follow, but she had to keep Torq and Yaquin from collapsing from the many arrow wounds.

Khagralie and I fellow our two in the time it took the rest to finish the other three. I did a trick shot to leave one alive and tied up. Meryl bravery or ignorance makes him a blood thirty opponent combined with Torq’s being effected by Eron’s cooking had him smashing opponents from Tylilris’s description. She of course had to keep them all patched up so they could make it through.

We rested for five minutes to recoup and access what to do. There was one corridor straight ahead of the main door that branched off again in three directions. A river flow or two in the cave was creating a background noise making hearing enemies difficult. Meryl explored the right tunnel quietly to find no one there, a shaft leading down and some bed rolls. We all tried the left path together since we saw a door at the end.
The door was trapped but not locked. I disabled the rope attached to the door by cutting it, but should have thought it over more. After we entered the room a pail dropped from over the door making a very loud echoed crash. We closed and blocked the door expecting kobolds to come. Meryl focused on a chest that turned out to contain clothes and human teeth. I searched the bed, fireplace and some of the smelly fish crates also finding nothing of value.

Khagralie was having difficulty with something her had eaten earlier. She would become a liability if we allowed her to continue further into the cave. She was still fired up for a fight and I thought suggesting she not accompanying us deeper inside might cause her to show us she could battle on both fronts. Lucky nature took over.

Yaquin starting asking if anyone saw any writing or books. He seemed very excited under the cathedral when he found a book. Interesting. Maybe I can use this get a handle on him more. Who enters into a bargain without asking on defined terms. What would he give me for a book he thinks has real value. Tylilris might be able to help me understand if he looking for magical lore. Finding such things screened through her first could (in case she would want them) could be profitable. That reminds me I never asked about the beetle eggs. It been two weeks with them wrapped a few blankets. They seemed fine and warm, but she might suggest what to do with them.

We waited for kobolds to descend on this the invaded room. After a time I dropped below the bed to see under the door crack. I saw no movement. There was a little surprised kobolds were not waiting for us. We followed the last tunnel with the river flow.

Every step farther had me wondering if we had cleaned out the cavern. Those thoughts were quickly squashed as we approached stalagmites breaking up the passage. The tunnel was sub divided with an inch thick wall creating a short two tunnels with a few stalagmites on one side breaking that passage farther. It was a perfect ambush point and the lizards took full advantage this formation’s confusion provided.

Torq lead the party down the left passage without the stalagmite confusion followed by Yaquin with my sister trailing behind. Meryl had broken off to the right tunnel and I didn’t want him alone just in case there were kobolds lurking behind a formation. The kobolds were quick with two blocking the way for our group while two others jumped out from behind the stalagmites. Once again this exposed Tyrael to more danger then I liked.

My sister and I made quick work of one only to find out there was another hiding behind us. This creature was tainted by some black substance running in his veins. After the fight the fact it was necrotic was pointed out. This creature’s bites were truly savage. After it got me once I felt a second one would drop me. We focus on the infected one, but he had stamina to spare. I moved around him to block the path so Tylilris would be behind me. Torq was facing the two kobolds in front alone so the rest of us could fell this resilient lizard. Once he fell the rest had dropped quickly.

After resting we moved father into the tunnel finding a door in our way. Meryl opened the door to reveal a Green Dragon sleeping on a treasure hoard. A silence came over us as we quietly encouraged Meryl to close the door. He could not resist the urge to grab a hand full of silver.

There was a kobold to pick up on our way out. Khagralie had waited outside. The journey back with Nazabu provided a little insight into the dragon. Sad creature really. I should have let me die, but I can’t help feel he has a part to play yet. Thena was shocked the kobold returned with us, but hearing what happen to her uncle directly from him seemed important. The party, but mostly Tylilris was insisting the kobold be killed. He deserves it. He was also helpless. We had him imprisoned in the keep. I tried to talk about Rath’ss as being a god like being. I wanted to see if Nazabu’s devotion could be bought by a more powerful being then the dragon.


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