Friday Night Fantasy Age

Tenebris's Journal
8.21.15 (The Beginning)

When Tylilris left to train it seemed right to me to leave my parents’ home. I doubted they missed me much since they hardly noticed me next to my perfect sisters. It was not all bad. Dad taught me the bow. I enjoyed those lessons alone. It was a few good years, but he didn’t have time after a while. After that I would leave the house early, practicing on my own, staying away all day. They hardly seemed to notice I was gone most days.

I found trouble as a youth. My skill at a distance was good, but I could not fight up close. Getting beat up a few times teaches you to avoid the fights you can’t win. I realized being able to talk my way out of a bad situation would be important to prevent having a short life.

Torq complicated my skills. He needed someone to look out for him especially when it came to money. He had no hesitation when a fight would break out. People see an orc and think threat, and they ignore the thin elf. They focus on him which leaves me time to shoot them. Too weak after a few arrows to stand up to Torq they lost the fight before it started.

I hated finding Tyrael in Whimyshire after all the years apart. She had gotten into a position of authority and asking to stay with her was difficult. I thought my sister was going to turn me away, but I knew she saw me as an obligation. She gave me some lock picks after being there a while. Made a production of it. I could almost see the strings attached.

Tylilris showed up with Rath’ss in tow. She wouldn’t talk about what happened to her mentor much, but that is Rath’ss’s entire focus if you talk with him. It seem fortunate we all had a connections to other like minded individuals. Most people are content to live in one town for the rest of their lives, but this group were all seeking more. Some wanted knowledge, others wealth and a few needed revenge or justice depending who you asked.

Tyrael took the mantle as leader and directed us toward areas near Whimyshire. Trade was getting bad. Prices were rising. People were getting scared. Tyrael lead us to see what was causing the trade issue. There was a large pack of wolves that were highly aggressive. Usually they avoid humanoids except in extreme circumstances.

We have all been in a few scraps, but never together. When depending on others for your survive you have to develop a strong bond. Defeating the eight wolves even with a dire wolf was not very difficult, but anyone with combat experience would see we were new at working together.

Meryls short stature didn’t stop him from charging in close at every opportunity. Not brave, but reckless. Tyrael said, “Impressive little one.” when he downed the dire wolf. She grumbled when I dropped two after she hacked into them both gravely. I saw it as protecting my sister by ensuring they would not attack her, but all I got was, “stealing all my kills”. Yaquin smells of alcohol. It been days since I have seen him drink so either he sneaking it or has not taken a bath in months.

We found the remains of a caravan that the wolves had attacked. There were twelve royal guard dead and a letter sealed by the king. We took the letter to Nevergrim where the locals lived in fear. The wolves were just the beginning. There was rumor of a green dragon. People talked about how a large population of the town has gone missing lately. There were almost no shops open. Food was expensive and hard to find. Everyone was thin and looked hungry.

He headed to the keep outside the town. The guards were very jumpy and had no love of strangers. Tyrael presented the letter so they would bring the guard captain. She was a sour orc who tried to get rid of us, but in the fact we dispatched a large group of wolves she saw an opportunity. Why not use capable mercenary types to rid the town of the current problem. If we lied then we go missing, but if we are honest it cost her nothing.

Guard Captain Gurkar arranged for us to stay at the inn for free. Told us a notice board would be up soon so the town could post about the problems they are having. So the town’s people pay us to take care of what the guard can’t or won’t do. Whatever. Gain some capital, some renown and build a brand will help in any endeavor I decide to follow.

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