Friday Night Fantasy Age

Culinary Excursions
On the subject of spices

Today we woke after a long and glorious celebration that the town threw in our honor for defeating the dragon. The celebration was bitter sweet and the merriment did little to quell my anger, for I have found the slayer of Master Baytore. After 2 years of searching I found the mage who killed him and I realized that I am completely and utterly incapable of avenging his death. Zolan is a powerful mystic. We witness his power when he slayed the dragon with a wave of his staff. A single beam from the tip of his staff struck the dragon and destroyed it. For Zolan it seemed as if he was swatting a fly.

I will bide my time and learn his weakness so that I can avenge my master and rid the world of this evil.

With the dragon slain we returned to the town and they lavished us with a feast to celebrate the destruction of the dragon. I, nor anyone else of our party, admitted to slaying the dragon, but we did not deny it either.

The next morning we assembled for breakfast. Eron the alchemist was in the kitchen of the inn, helping prepare the morning meals. It was after my second bite of my plate of eggs, bacon and sausage that I saw Eron’s skin melt from his body until all that was left was his skeleton, which then melted as well. Everyone in the inn melted in the same manner, save for my companions, their bodies puddles on the floor. Upstairs we found more of the same. Searching the rooms Yaqnin found strange silver coins. He bit into one to test the metal and found his mouth full of half an insect. He quickly spit it out and stepped on the creature, but he seemed to turn a shade of green in the process.

We looked out of the windows and saw only nothingness. Black and absolute nothingness. Torq opened the front door only to reveal nothing but complete blackness outside of the inn. He threw a chair out the door and it hung in the air, as if weightless. I threw a plate, hitting the chair and sending it floating away even faster.

We explored the cellar and found the inn’s stores. Most of their stores seemed to be spoiled. While in the basement a noise became evident. A constant tapping or clicking sound. It was hard to locate the source but it was definately coming form the basement. We could not find the source until we looked at the floor, and noticed it was moving. That is when we saw that the entire cellar floor was covered in a carpet of insects like the coin that Yaqnin had turned into…. and they were swarming to Yaqnin. We all quickly went up the stairs and in an attempt to free himself of the swarm Yaqnin tried to burn them away with a flame spell, which did kill a good portion of the bugs but also set the inn on fire. He then tried to use a water enchantment to quell the flames, but for some reason it only acted as fuel to spread the flames further.

Nothing we did helped the situation, the fire was going to burn down the inn. Meryl climbed up the chimney and shouted that there was a ferret on top of the roof. The ferret leaped off the building and we saw the ferret land on where the ground should have been. With the fire spreading I held to the door frame and tested the ‘ground.’

Finding that there was suitable footing we all exited the inn and followed the ferret. The ferret spoke to us. His name was Pabu and he told us this was where he lived. He did not know how to leave but he did point us to the bad men he did not like.


Following his directions we found the Duke’s home guarded by two of his guard, Steve and Fred. They looked like themselves, except they had black liquid running from their eyes. They would not let us pass and a battle ensued.

During the battle we all spoke in song for some reason and at times with strange accents.

With Fred and Steve defeated we tried to enter the gate only to face a huge scorpion with the front half of captain of the guards (need name)


After defeating her the Duke’s home disintegrated and a glowing purple swirl was left in it’s place. Pabu appeared and said it was most likely a portal and could lead home. Torq touched it and disappeared. I touched it and found myself seated at the breakfast table, with my companions. All of us had strange looks on our faces.

Eron came out and asked how we liked breakfast and how we found his new spice to be….. and that question alone explained everything.

Rath’ss Longtail

11.13.15 (Tenebris's Journal)
The Night of the Dragon Death Party

The town’s celebration was fun until Yaquin came up asking for what he owed. Why at the party he decided this was important is beyond me. Maybe he felt the weight of the debt. He was pure anger. His ability to speak coherent sentences became very limited. I think he was tempted to use magic on me, but his reason won out.

It appears he thought this was a personal loan between friends and not a business loan with terms and interest. Personal loans are for family and friends. You don’t expect repayment from them, but you want it. You go in full well knowing you might get screwed and it forgive or you have problem with someone close to them. When I loaned him the silver he was just a drunk who only thought day to day. He save a book before one of us. Don’t get me wrong he fought with us since then then my opinion changed slightly, but I don’t trust he will repay me.

I also didn’t account the decreased value of the gold coin because of the lack of trade. So my interest became fairly extreme in light of that, but sometimes you throw something out and see if it sticks. Yaquin proved he not always drunk out of his mind. He can see the difference between reason and insanity.

Breakfast the next morning proved disturbing. Eron was cooking for the inn keeper this morning. Should have known then not to eat any of it. Everyone in the inn melted into a puddle except for us. Looking out the windows and door it was night outside. Closer inspection revealed objects floated (a chair) and it was not just night. There was not other houses and the whole landscape was gone.

We searched the main level and the rooms on the second floor. Meryl found some strangely marked coins skulls on one side and chairs on the back. At the time it seemed weird, but often people don’t see simple connections. Yaquin bit one to test it authenticity. The coin broke in half becoming a bug. He spend several minutes expelling his breakfast.

The cellar was the only unexplored area left. There was a switch on the wall that created light. Why I ignored that when I never seen anything like it in my life before. If they could be created in a cost effective way then people could light their home with less risk of fire hazards.

The cellar had everything you expect. Crates of dried food, wine and beer all with branding that was off from what I expect. We realized the floor in the cellar was crunchy and with closer inspection were bugs that all were converging on Yaquin. We bolted up the stairs to allow him to burn them. He cast the spell from the first floor trying to avoid the wooden stairs, but his aim had the staircase burning. The fire was spreading quickly so he used a water spell. Well if you ever seen water that has been contaminated by peoples waste that was it.

The flames died down. Someone said I hope the disgusting water does not make the fire worse. Well at that moment the flames sprang up stronger. The fire was out of control before we could really fight it. Not wanting to leave the inn I checked the fireplace in the hopes maybe we could use it to survive the fire. The only ones who would fit easily were Meryl or Rath’ss.

Meryl offered to climb up in the hopes maybe something would help us. He climbed up after a rope was fastened to him. He found a talking ferret name Pablo. There are three people at the keep. So there are other structure out in the vast open black space.

So the mage burn down the inn and we ventured forth into the unknown. Pablo was our guide in the ink black world. Sold ground that we could not see. Objects that could float. If you gave any force to an object it would keep going including there the solid ground we couldn’t see. You just try not to think about these things while experiencing them or you waste time.

Pablo would not approach the keep, but from what he said there might be a portal there. Some how this might be that other dimension we sealed in the catacombs. Steve and Fred were guarding the keep, but they had the black eyes. The only way was fighting.

There was a point where Tyrael was getting Necro Goo vomited on her. It reminded me of the infected kobold. After defeating them a half Gurkar half scorpion creature with black eyes was next. We could see the portal inside the keep, but getting past her would not be simple.

This dimension had a strange effect on us. All of us except Meryl starting singing while battling reflection of Gurkar. Then we could talk, but with some bizarre foreign accent. Meryl was only slightly affected. It could be that halflings are more resistant to magical effects of this dimension.
When all the creatures were gone we called to Pablo. He didn’t want to come with us. A bottle of wine Torq had grabbed in the cellar came back with us, but we didn’t appear near the keep. We didn’t appear at all. We never left our seats at breakfast. So we have items from the trip, but how if we never left breakfast. Eron starting laughing.

Great. Was it a dream? Was it real? No time really past. Objects came back with us. People here could see them. Eron caused it with a mixture. Can he repeat it in the event we ever wanted to? Can we control how to get back? Can he send us other places like that? Was he playing around or did he do it on purpose?

10.30.15 (Tenebris's Journal)
Crazy Wizard

Yaquin’s spent his money drinking last night. He was in no condition to be useful when our group assembled. So while he slept in I repossessed the shield. Tylilris seemed interested in using it anyway and since Yaquin will spend most of the day hiding in bed it no big deal. I wonder when he going to ask what the loan terms are. I know what I was going to charge him, but at this point I could said he owes me anything.

Finally remember the two fire beetle eggs from a few weeks ago. Gave on to Charsi and the other to Eron with the group with me. I have to remember to go alone. Both my sister have no patients. They were tied of my haggling before it even got going. You would think a mage and a politician would see that an extra few minutes can help us greatly.

So the angry guard captain found us with a way to held the dragon. There was a wizard who became a little unstable so he left the dukes employe. This crazy mage Zolan should be able to help us with the problem. He lives in a mansion south of town past the river. We found his place as the sun was setting, but there was no answer.

Torq found a key under the doormat with the words ”Go Away”. I pocketed the key after we entered. You never know if it could be handy later. The foyer had four painting each with a different figure. The first painting depicted a mage directly across from the door. Above that painting the words “Go Away” written very clearly on the wall. It clear Zolan does not want company. The other three picture had a rogue and two warriors. The room felt like a trap, but before I could say anything people were touching paintings. To be honest I don’t think my sisters would have listened to me. The floor dropped out after the second painting was touched.

We landed hard with magic that was damping any form of light or natural ability to see in the dark to be half as effective. We moved in the only direction available to find a T intersection shortly down the passage with the words, “You Were Warned”. This guy is either mad or doing very important work, but why can’t it be both. We choose to go left. I started to map the place figuring someone who doesn’t want guests would use a maze to keep them busy.

There was a noise of a crazed beast some where in the tunnels. A blue ghost appeared behind us. We moved away to avoid fighting it since only Rath’ss and Tylilris could hurt it. Maybe there was a spell at work, but I think we were panicking. Everyone was concerned of getting trapped between the ghost and whatever was making the noise. It sounded like the beast was getting closer to us and the ghost was pursuing at a leisurely pace. With only the two options heading toward the beast at full speed was the group’s choice. The next T intersection we opted to move away finding an orange ghost in that direction. The group ran back toward the beast again now with ghosts in the only two other directions. We didn’t know what it would be, but killing it before the ghost catch up sounded like a good idea.

Once again a T intersection was before us. We choose right toward the beast to find a minotaur right around the corner. He was massive. Rath’ss charged from the back of the party with only the groups murmuring to tell him our flesh target was impairing travel. Torq had an angle from right around the corner to throw a dagger. There was chatter the beast was knocked off balance from the attack. Tyrael took the remaining space blocking the passage to face the threat.

I was in the rear with Tylilris. She shot arcane energy at the faded orange foe. Meryl moved to the space behind our two front line fighters just waiting and I swear I heard growling, but perhaps it was the minotaur dealing a savage hit to Tyrael. I moved to the last space behind Rath’ss leaving my sister in the rear. The beast was an easy target for my arrow, but I feared Tylilris would be just as easy for the spirit. I yelled for Rath’ss to move to the rear and protect her with the magic mace.

Too my surprise a red ghost came from the unexplored left tunnel on the T behind me. It reached into my chest squeezing my heart. A pain I can’t be translated into words. Rath’ss heeded my words breaking off from the minotaur a full speed. He got to the back of the party with his magic weapon, but even with it he still had trouble connecting. The minotaur was an easy target, but he absorbed every hit like he was dealing with insects. Blood thirsty little Meryl moved into the open spot right before Tyrael was downed.

Tylilris could not reach our sister the way our party clogged the corridor. Healing the wounded was more important then hurting the red phantom since our party was surrounded. I dragged our unconscious sister under me within easy reach. The red ghost did more heart ripping and Rath’ss screamed in anguish from the orange. I thought we were in trouble, but when Tyrael was standing again the feeling changed. The minotaur was downed with a few more hard blows and Rath’ss was able to hurt his ghost. All the ghosts retreated at that point leaving us enough time to catch our breath and take the horns for a trophy.

The minotaur had killed others before us. Searching the body produced a dinner invitation that Tyrael held onto. Hurrying through the maze was difficult when you need to track progress, but there was a stairwell leading us out. The upper area was well furnished. We found a library where we all looked through to find anything of interest. Maybe Yaquin will quit drinking, but I doubt it. There were a few inconsequential zombie that turned out to be servants. We returned to a similar entry way to find golems guarding it. Tyrael produced the invitation which they scanned and allowed us to pass.

I wouldn’t say Zolan was angry. It seemed more like annoyed and frustrated. He remarked how hard it is to train zombies to not eat humans and finding more creatures for his maze. I am glad we never said anything about the library, but we he notice right away. He very absorbed in work I might be a long time before he takes a real look at the selves.

He listen to the dragon tale with little empathy or concern, but the fact a dragon could cause a large distribution to him left unchecked might be the only reason he helped. We discovered how powerful he was compared to us in the dragon’s cave so it not like he had to listen to us. Rath’ss revealed Zolan was the killer of his and my sisters master. I can’t image our lives meant anything. If he killed us then more adventure might get through his maze.

I convinced Zolan giving us or me one purple twenty sided jewel that would allow us to by pass all his defenses was a good idea. After all the dragon was a minor event to him, but he understood we did not seek him out lightly. If we are going to us it then it needs to be a very serious situation that would cause major destruction.

(In cypher) Tylilris had asked about training, but Zolan didn’t care about anything other then being rid of us. He claimed no treasure or trophy. We took both, but I will not boost about this story. It one thing to inflate yourself a little, but it better to say nothing. We brought in the stolen items and the head. Everyone will assume we killed the creature, but I will never brag about this tale. If we are ever pressed or discovered I can always say you jumped to the conclusion but I never told you we defeated a dragon. It’s great to be a town hero, but people don’t like being lied to.

10.16.15 (Tenebris's Journal)
Lost Property

This morning Tyrael & Rath’ss had their own business to attend too. Tyrael has always thought her needs are more important then others. The rest of us found new quests (with multiple posts) to find stolen goods. Grukar was the only signature on any of the posts for the missing items. Thena Lycanthorpe the tailor has a missing uncle who been gone two weeks now. I suggested we trade the mushroom for healing potion so Tylilris will have one for emergence. Eron was making some off tasting concoction. I let Torq take my bowel since Eron alchemical skills have proven good and he was eating the stuff himself.

Learning Tholip Lycanthorpe was a botanist I hoped he would be found alive, but an old man without his cane wandering the woods for two weeks is very unlikely to survive. A botanist could be very useful in finding the ingredients Eron needs for his potions. Stopping at the keep to gain more information was a waste of time. Gurkar claims they protect these people, but offered us nothing when trying to get more details. The Duke stays in the keep and has yet to be seen. The guard captain is angry and wants us doing the dirty work for the guard. I understand they are spread to thin, but I feel they are scare and would rather we are the ones risking ourselves.

We found tracks when heading North East into the woods which lead us to a single file path ascending fifty feet into the air. This path was long, narrow and contained turns forcing us to zigzag until reaching a ledge. Half way up six kobold archers revealed themselves hiding from outpost cut form the mountain face. Some of our group were almost unbalanced by the hits from arrows. We scrambled to reach the door in the mountain side while any of us with ranged ability firing back. There was three to either side firing and focusing on one or two of us.

Only one attacker had been dropped before Meryl reached the landing and door. After he had opened the it he hesitated to enter alone. Our group moved with great speed to escape the unobstructed path. I reached Meryl first and pull him inside the mountain to prevent an arrow from falling the halfing. Too my surprise I pulled him in moved past him toward any enemies that might be beyond only to fall in a pit trap. My nimbleness saved me grievous injury from spikes at the bottom.

The timing for the kobolds reloading had left Tylilris and Torq last on the trail as targets. I felt a sigh of relief once time allowed as I climbed out of a second spiked pit; when I realized my sister and best friend were both safe from the arrow barge. Torq was in bad shape, but Tylilris was tending to him.

It was clear out of the three corridors the left and right led to our attacks. I started down the left followed by Khagralie our only warrior on today’s expedition. I wonder what was so important Tyrael would allow Tylilris to quest with only her unreliable brother. It has to be important and I must find out what it could be. I thought Tyrael would follow, but she had to keep Torq and Yaquin from collapsing from the many arrow wounds.

Khagralie and I fellow our two in the time it took the rest to finish the other three. I did a trick shot to leave one alive and tied up. Meryl bravery or ignorance makes him a blood thirty opponent combined with Torq’s being effected by Eron’s cooking had him smashing opponents from Tylilris’s description. She of course had to keep them all patched up so they could make it through.

We rested for five minutes to recoup and access what to do. There was one corridor straight ahead of the main door that branched off again in three directions. A river flow or two in the cave was creating a background noise making hearing enemies difficult. Meryl explored the right tunnel quietly to find no one there, a shaft leading down and some bed rolls. We all tried the left path together since we saw a door at the end.
The door was trapped but not locked. I disabled the rope attached to the door by cutting it, but should have thought it over more. After we entered the room a pail dropped from over the door making a very loud echoed crash. We closed and blocked the door expecting kobolds to come. Meryl focused on a chest that turned out to contain clothes and human teeth. I searched the bed, fireplace and some of the smelly fish crates also finding nothing of value.

Khagralie was having difficulty with something her had eaten earlier. She would become a liability if we allowed her to continue further into the cave. She was still fired up for a fight and I thought suggesting she not accompanying us deeper inside might cause her to show us she could battle on both fronts. Lucky nature took over.

Yaquin starting asking if anyone saw any writing or books. He seemed very excited under the cathedral when he found a book. Interesting. Maybe I can use this get a handle on him more. Who enters into a bargain without asking on defined terms. What would he give me for a book he thinks has real value. Tylilris might be able to help me understand if he looking for magical lore. Finding such things screened through her first could (in case she would want them) could be profitable. That reminds me I never asked about the beetle eggs. It been two weeks with them wrapped a few blankets. They seemed fine and warm, but she might suggest what to do with them.

We waited for kobolds to descend on this the invaded room. After a time I dropped below the bed to see under the door crack. I saw no movement. There was a little surprised kobolds were not waiting for us. We followed the last tunnel with the river flow.

Every step farther had me wondering if we had cleaned out the cavern. Those thoughts were quickly squashed as we approached stalagmites breaking up the passage. The tunnel was sub divided with an inch thick wall creating a short two tunnels with a few stalagmites on one side breaking that passage farther. It was a perfect ambush point and the lizards took full advantage this formation’s confusion provided.

Torq lead the party down the left passage without the stalagmite confusion followed by Yaquin with my sister trailing behind. Meryl had broken off to the right tunnel and I didn’t want him alone just in case there were kobolds lurking behind a formation. The kobolds were quick with two blocking the way for our group while two others jumped out from behind the stalagmites. Once again this exposed Tyrael to more danger then I liked.

My sister and I made quick work of one only to find out there was another hiding behind us. This creature was tainted by some black substance running in his veins. After the fight the fact it was necrotic was pointed out. This creature’s bites were truly savage. After it got me once I felt a second one would drop me. We focus on the infected one, but he had stamina to spare. I moved around him to block the path so Tylilris would be behind me. Torq was facing the two kobolds in front alone so the rest of us could fell this resilient lizard. Once he fell the rest had dropped quickly.

After resting we moved father into the tunnel finding a door in our way. Meryl opened the door to reveal a Green Dragon sleeping on a treasure hoard. A silence came over us as we quietly encouraged Meryl to close the door. He could not resist the urge to grab a hand full of silver.

There was a kobold to pick up on our way out. Khagralie had waited outside. The journey back with Nazabu provided a little insight into the dragon. Sad creature really. I should have let me die, but I can’t help feel he has a part to play yet. Thena was shocked the kobold returned with us, but hearing what happen to her uncle directly from him seemed important. The party, but mostly Tylilris was insisting the kobold be killed. He deserves it. He was also helpless. We had him imprisoned in the keep. I tried to talk about Rath’ss as being a god like being. I wanted to see if Nazabu’s devotion could be bought by a more powerful being then the dragon.

Kobolds, Dead Old Men, and Teeth.
Lots of teeth.

Another day in this ruin that I’ve heard others referred to as a “town”. This book may prove to be more useful once I have sat down and attempted to read and translate it. Perhaps these pointless quests may prove more fruitful in the future than originally thought.

Met with group while everyone was arguing about which meaningless task we do next. This Grukar and others seem to be missing stuff, either lost or stolen it doesn’t matter. Apparently some old man is also missing but it is in my opinion that not everyone wants to be found. Tenebris seems adamant we need to find whoever this is, and I feel like it’s not my place to argue. Maybe he’s dead? The elderly do that. Just overheard he was a botanist, this could prove usefu…nevermind he wasn’t an alchemist. Less interested now.

Tenebris and the male orc have decided that alchemist cooking is something someone should consume. I don’t know what hole they crawled out of, but I will be making sure to stay a safe distance away from them for the next few hours.

The orc ate a whole bowl, we may be right fucked now….I’ll hold my breath.


Grukar is a stupid orc bitch. She is not only unhelpful but also incompetent at her seemingly simple job. I think a well place pillar of fire might rid her of whatever large stick was placed up her ass. Fred knows what’s up.

We have decided that we should find the shit Grukar is upset about. Tenebris in particular seems overly passionate about other peoples’ useless trickets. This is going to be a huge waste of time, mark my words.

His name is Tholip Lychanthorp. He is totally a lychanthrope hiding in the woods or something interesting. No one is listening to me. Maybe he’s also stealing the shit? My guess is they are related. I hope they are because killing two useless birds with one stone will save me some sanity.

The orc is high. Totally high. Someone needs to teach that alchemist fool why we sterilize our tools.


Oh man, he’s looking at his hand like it contains the mysteries of the universe. Let’s just hope my head isn’t next. I’d laugh if I knew we wouldn’t need him soon.

This reminds me of that page of that manuscript that we found in the crypt, I have forgotten to look into where the pages could have originated from and if the language is indigenous to the surrounding area or… oh hey stairs.


Where are we? How did we get here…?

That’s a lot of stairs. We are looking for an old man. No way he climbed up here and….. OW! FUCKING OW! An arrow has lodged into my shoulder. WHAT IS GOING ON?! Arrows, arrows everywhere. We are sitting ducks on this fucking stairway and no one seems to think that running is a good idea.

If not for Tyrl- we would all be dead- seriously. I don’t think anyone else even thinks about their own safety. Case in point, the little one just bum-rushed the door and literally broke a falling log on his head. Before I could be impressed Tenebris tried to pull him inside and fell into a pittrap. I will try not to laugh.

I failed.

Sigh….I owe both of them so I guess I should go help.

That orc just took 5 arrows like a fucking champ, but now he thinks hes some kind of Gorrum-esque orc god…I don’t see this going well.

He’s turning kobolds into red mists and I think one just exploded.

EVERYONE IS IN MY WAY, im THIS close to just setting people on fire.

JACKPOT!! This chest might contain some useful books / scrolls / at least the missing shit we want…



It’s full of teeth….fucking TEETH. WHO LOCKS UP TEETH IN ROOM FULL OF TRAPS. Kobolds are weird little fucks…. And apparently so is Tenebris, who is taking all the rest…I’m not going to ask.

I picked one up and it’s definitely human. I’ll never look at him the same way again. Is that why he is always smiling?

KOBOLDS IN THE DARKNESS! I am full of regret coming in here for some old fart.



Note to self: cloth does not good armor make.

Tyrl to the rescue again, and one of these kobolds is not normal at all.

AH HA!! The black veins are similar to those face bitey ball bullshits from the temple we cleaned last week. But how…?

Getting tired of wandering through this cave with nothing good to show for it.
Interesting room filled with the 6 dragon statues of “Dragonborn” says Tyrl. Interesting that I’ve never heard of them before. Going to look this up later. Later is the key word. Dragon statues in a cave full of nightmares is usually not a sign of good things to come.

“Dr..dra…dra…gon…cave….gold…the stuff…lookie…” The little one says the next room contains a dragon. A FUCKING DRAGON. I am compelled to go in and document and maybe if I was high on that gruel I would. Thankfully I am not a dunce and will stay here. I have suggested that no old man is worth our deaths. Green dragons = acid. Acid = ouchy burny pain. Full sized no less. Fuck the dragon and fuck the town. This place is probably fucked.



We apparently captured a kobold, I will ask Tenebris how he kept the bloodthirsty orcs from turning this one into red pudding. Well I would but he is talking to Kobold. Lord knows about what.

Still talking.

I made a gesture to Tyrl about her brother.


Ahem…Oh look the old man was fed to the dragon.

Can we get the fuck out of here, like I suggested 15 minutes ago?

So apparently this bitch thinks that our risking our necks, exterminating an entire cave of kobolds and almost running into a green dragon is worth….5 silver each.
Her grandfather is dead….I have an idea. That tooth I picked up. I will tell her its his. She will believe me, I can be pretty persuasive. She can use all that money she saved on our pay for the therapy she’ll need.

“A memento to remember him…” and I placed it in her hand totally straight faced. Everyone thinks I am a monster…kinda right I guess.

Leather armor. This might help to keep me in one peace.

Nothing useful found today. Waste of fucking time. I have no money for beer tonight. What could go wrong next?

10.2.15 (Tenebris's Journal)

Yaquin was very focused on getting a shield. A few weeks ago he was going to break into the abandoned blacksmith shop just to get one. Charsi was welcoming as always and she had created the an item for first spoils Rath’ss and I brought in. The fire beetle’s wings made a great shield with some extra fire protection. The mage could not contain himself and was determined to leave with the shield. Her price was more then he had and I couldn’t haggle her down to what he had, but I could loan him the money.

I offered. He excepted. I explained there be interest involved. He never asked terms at all. So he owes me twenty five silver plus interest. Maybe the rate should be variable based on how useful he is to use in each mission or how much he drinks each day. To much book keeping.

After leaving the shop I wanted to stop at Eron shop to see if we could get better details on the Narakinb Kush plant he need for mana potions. He described at as green and purple plant that would be found in the swamps. Tyrael was tired of us stopping in the shops. How she got into a position of power with no patients is a wonder. I just wanted to check in in case there was important information to prevent us from overlooking something that could help us later.

A large female orc named Khagralie that knows Meryl showed up. Maybe Meryl learned how to fight from her. She doesn’t talk very much.

Father Abby was relieved we were here to explore the crypts. He explained how the noise were getting louder and more frequent. Ripping down the ornate door seal gave me the feeling of entering a place where we don’t belong. The doorway revealed a round chamber with three passages to follow. Heading west lead to six cracked coffins that no longer have occupants.

A ways past the coffin the living skeletal remains were walking around and violent. They was very little challenge fighting them, but the next creature was difficult to stomach. We called it a Pooze. I can’t believe that a true name, but asking silly questions in combat distracts everyone. For anyone who reads this yes it was a moving ooze that strongly resembled body waste. The Pooze split into multiple smaller versions after getting attacked for a while. I was glad when we finished dealing with the creature.

I have no problem talking treasure from dead creatures, but when you don’t know why the dead are walking around it not a good idea. The ghost Rath’ss and I fought needed to be put to rest properly to stop effecting the living world. For all we know someone taking treasure from a corpse that is not already walking around might be enough to rise the dead spirit.

I tried to limit the coffin pilfering, but I know Meryl grabbed a few things when I could spare time to watch him. Yaquin found a single paper from a tome called The Leafs of Thippusin. All the mage wanted to do was look for books the remainder of the time.

There were six zombones once we headed east down the other tunnel off the entry room. Yes they had more bones the regular zombies or more flesh than normal skeletons so a cross name sounded correct.

Deep in the crypt was a demon using a magical cleaver standing between us and a portal to the Netatura Realm. His eyes showed a crazed gleam that might be common for demons or maybe he takes pleasure in using his cleaver to butcher anyone that interferes with his plans.

The long battle ended with Meryl keeping the cleaver so he could sell it to Khagralie. She might be one of the few of us who can lift it anyway. We discussed how a ritual had to be preformed to open a dimensional rift and since the catacombs seal was intact on our arrival the only option was someone or thing opened the portal from the other side. So the demon butcher must have opened it or had someone open it for him.

Trivial Temple Troubles

An account by Jaquoin (sp?).

After being rudely awoken from my post hangover sleep, I made my way to what seemed to be a man / woman (I never can tell with dwarves) blacksmith. Finally. Seems like the middle elf child has some kind of rapport with this person and offered me quite a nice shield. Didn’t have enough to pay, though that didn’t stop me from taking it at first. It then occurred to me I may need to use this place more often, asked the elf if he had any coin. I haven’t had use for much coin on my travels. This may take some getting used to. With little hesitation he offed to front the rest of the bastards price. He was…a little too quick to pay. I don’t think its normal to smile a wide as he was while paying for someone else…gotta keep an eye out.

Rest of the party showed me the posted tasks available in this hovel of a town…why are we staying here again? I can’t remember. Don’t really care.

Crypt stood out to me. Crypts are old, lots of forgotten rooms and crevices. Places of forgotten times usually have the best chance to have forgotten knowledge. Why else would I be wasting my time?

Temple inside was old and scraping sounds seemed to pour from every dark passage. Priest wasn’t kidding when he said this place was tainted…sealed up door makes more sense now. Speaking of sealed doors….that little gnome sure knows how to throw his little weight around…

Found a ring on some dead sod’s finger. looked to be of some value but the rest of them looked at me like I was a monster. Maybe I’ll come back for it later.


WHY ARE WE DOWN HERE!?! These short round monstrosities have seem to found a love of my face, thank the gods another mage is with us. No one else seems to care it looks like my jaw is dislocated. Doesn’t matter, found a book that is going to become my new pet project. This language looks old! Found a piece of parchment that certainly looks like it could have some value. Not enough here to make any sense of yet. I didn’t expect to find anything like this down here! Want to get out of this god forsaken place now. I really don’t care what happens anymore.

Thinking about this book. Not really paying attention anymore.

More undead bullshit is made… un-undead? Must consult a grammar book for proper usage.

The orc, she likes that maul…perhaps a little too much. I’m going to keep a least 6 ft between her and myself.

Fucking clods, I can’t take a simple ring of a dead man so long gone I doubt anyone can even remember his name, but the orc can SMASH A PERSON TO DUST and no one bats an eye.



“Ahh, fresh meat.” I think that’s what I heard. That one is going to haunt me.

Portal down here doesn’t make sense. Gotta talk to the priest.

The first post
It's the first one

Just trying things out right now.

9.18.15 (Tenebris's Journal)
This Town Needs Food

Waking up before the sun brings light to the world becomes habit when you want to stay ahead of your past. Got up silently. Moved over to Torq and with a gentle touch on the shoulder he opened his eyes. Having a partner who gives you their complete trust is rare. Torq needed help when we met, but I wasn’t doing so well on my own either. Together we left the room making less noise then rats skulking away.

I truly felt like a rat slipping away again, but everything around us is telling me helping this town will be dangerous. It been a week since Gurkar told us about creating a message board. I am losing patience with the orc captain’s pace. Small towns give strangers the cold shoulder, but Nevergrim is far worse. The only people who talk to us are the few shop owner and the inn keeper. The inn keeper glare has gone from uncomfortable to die right now. I can’t blame him. Gurkar arranged for us to have free rooms at the inn, but after week with no coin from us or results for the town he got to be upset.

The dim light was creeping up while slipping out of the inn. Before we reached the message board an elf named Eron Tron stopped us. He is an alchemist looking to setup shop here. It appears the slaying of the wolves has been spreading around, but not enough that these people with talk to us. He needs the Indigo Lactarius mushroom to create healing potions. Bargaining we get a free healing potion for every mushroom we bring in and he gave us each one now for free. If we can acquire a steady supply of the mushroom it would be very good for us. New adventurers will likely show up here with all the crazy occurrence happening. He had to see the potential profit this town would be for him.

There were a few postings up considering the board had to be put up late last night. Charsi the blacksmith wants interesting items and creatures for creating extraordinary and magical objects. The cathedral basement is haunted. There a farm with failing crops. Rumor about some ancient artifact.

Quickly stop by the blacksmith shop to introduce ourselves. I don’t want my sisters doing anything dangerous and I need time to get an idea how bad things are. I can leave the very vague quest to find the artifact that doesn’t seem likely with no information. Torq and I can go to the farm since food is a major problem here. It probably just a contamination of some kind from what the post says. The crypt sounds like a group quest. It very likely the dead have risen, but the stone door should keep them at bay.

Grondo Grubaled is a male halfling who is nothing like the one we travel with. He farms the land by himself. The crops started dying a few weeks back, but recently the livestock have been turning up dead each morning. The animals had their innards turned inside out. No tracks and nothing has been eaten. According to Grondo there has been no suspicious activity during the day. We figured out how long until night fall and the travel time to reach where we felt mushroom might grow.

Exploring the deep forest we almost had to run from a what I can only call a hippogriff. Never thought I see anything like that. Lucky for us the eagle horse hybrid did not notice us before it flew away. I doubt the two of us would have survived that fight. We continued once it was clearly gone to find a lake. Skirting around the lake in the hope we might find a mushroom on the other side.

A giant spider descended on us from the tree canopy. Torq was his target leaving me time to pepper it with arrows. It changed to me after it poisoned Torq with a bite. Poison was making Torq sloppy with his blows. I was having trouble avoiding the arachnid when Rath’ss crashed out of the bushes. He was able to land a savage hit forcing the spider’s retreat into the trees above. I am glad we made a clear trail to avoid getting lost in these woods. Rath’ss made a battle we might have lost into a victory we could walk away from.

We found one mushroom after all that, but we now have seem what they look like for the next time. Torq felt ill after a spider bite and needed support on the way back to town. Once we arrived it was clear he would not be much use for the remainder of the day. Rath’ss asked where everyone was since they were all gone when he got up.

We left early grabbed a bunch of quests and left one on the board for them. He rolled his eyes when he thought I was looking the other way. We arrived at the farm with about an hour of light left. Grondo was willing to corporate with the plans Rath’ss and I formulated. He had closed the animals in the barn, but had not locked it. Any intelligent creature could just enter the barn and be smart enough to hide their trail.

Rounding up all the animals and locking them in the barn was easy. I was waiting in a dark corner of barn’s on the second floor. Rath’ss had climbed on the roof using a ladder. We secured a rope to the roof so Rath’ss could climb down without leaving the ladder up.

From the second floor I had a good view of the animals. I expected something strange or dangerous, but I thought it would be something I could kill. How do you kill something which is already dead? As I notched the arrow I knew it would not hurt the ghost, but you have to try once. The arrow passed right through my target with only a look of aggravation showing on his face.

I don’t recall how I warned Rath’ss the creature arrived, but we thought he have time to come down while we saw them approach. He used the rope to swing from the roof through the small window right by me. The ghost was floating up to us and I tried another shot just to see if there was a chance to affect it. My hope was the only reason I could see why that arrow hurt when the last did nothing.

We jumped out the window lucky to not server hurt ourselves and were chased off the property. Once we crossed of the farmland the ghost stopped and watched us. After a time he left. Rath’ss refused to go back until daylight. We found the same remains and explain to the farmer what we faced. We knew the cathedral in town was still occupied by a holy man since he posted a quest

Father Abby was very distraught we needed his help to vanquish a ghost somewhere else. Listening to the noise in the crypt get worse each day must be maddening. We are the only group and there are a lot of requests for help right now. He was very understanding considering he had the noises for a few weeks and they are getting worse as time passes. Magic was the only way to hurt a ghost. Great! I make sure the group is off doing what I think is a safe quest for them and try to be smart thinking the farm quest would be easy for two people.

Rath’ss confirmed his applied magic training never really started. He had just started to learn basic knowledge. Father Abby did say that a ghost has a reason to be there. If we could find the body before night fall and bury it properly then the spirit would be put to rest.

Grondo told us there was no where unexplored on his farm; well except a small overgrown section up against the woods. Rath’ss and I explored there keeping a watch on the sun. There was a hidden stairway inside a tree. Great! Time is running short and we now have to keep track of it without the sun while exploring a possibly large cavern with many unknown factors.

The first room gave us two exits. We choose the left door. The room had pillars creating single file crisscrossed pathways. Rath’ss spotted a trap so we tried another way to reach the exit. There were more traps, but wasting time would get us killed. Two fire beetles were in the next room. Rath’ss took the brunt of the fire while I shot from the door way. It worked.

Finding the final room in a chain of them with a large unlit brazier and three bodies we hoped were what was needed. The brazier lit with an unnatural glow as Rath’ss approached the first body. Nothing. The body furthest back had nicer armor then the others and a mace in hand. When Rath’ss approached the last body they all rose.

The sun is still up so the ghost can raise his corpse, but that’s all. They hope we can damage it enough to stop this quickly and dispose of the remains. Zombies are bad, but ghosts are worse. All three of the zombie were focused on Rath’ss while I peppered one of them. The lead zombie was smashing Rath’ss hard with the mace while the other mostly were annoyances. I was able to drop my target after a few arrows while Rath’ss drank a healing potion.

Rath’ss was able to end the other zombie by pushing it into the burning brazier and with a quick swing did server damage to the leader. A few more good shots dropped him. Rath’ss took the magical mace
While I got most of the coin. A beetles seemed perfect for what Charsi wanted. We moved quickly to avoid being down there after dark just in case.

I suggested the farmer clear out that area to make it easier to see if anything strange could be happening on his land. Maybe he could put it to good use after he got the rest of the farm in good order again. I promised to check in since the cavern entrance is on the property. Getting rid of the danger is important, but it better to check in to prevent other things from happening.

Tenebris's Journal
8.21.15 (The Beginning)

When Tylilris left to train it seemed right to me to leave my parents’ home. I doubted they missed me much since they hardly noticed me next to my perfect sisters. It was not all bad. Dad taught me the bow. I enjoyed those lessons alone. It was a few good years, but he didn’t have time after a while. After that I would leave the house early, practicing on my own, staying away all day. They hardly seemed to notice I was gone most days.

I found trouble as a youth. My skill at a distance was good, but I could not fight up close. Getting beat up a few times teaches you to avoid the fights you can’t win. I realized being able to talk my way out of a bad situation would be important to prevent having a short life.

Torq complicated my skills. He needed someone to look out for him especially when it came to money. He had no hesitation when a fight would break out. People see an orc and think threat, and they ignore the thin elf. They focus on him which leaves me time to shoot them. Too weak after a few arrows to stand up to Torq they lost the fight before it started.

I hated finding Tyrael in Whimyshire after all the years apart. She had gotten into a position of authority and asking to stay with her was difficult. I thought my sister was going to turn me away, but I knew she saw me as an obligation. She gave me some lock picks after being there a while. Made a production of it. I could almost see the strings attached.

Tylilris showed up with Rath’ss in tow. She wouldn’t talk about what happened to her mentor much, but that is Rath’ss’s entire focus if you talk with him. It seem fortunate we all had a connections to other like minded individuals. Most people are content to live in one town for the rest of their lives, but this group were all seeking more. Some wanted knowledge, others wealth and a few needed revenge or justice depending who you asked.

Tyrael took the mantle as leader and directed us toward areas near Whimyshire. Trade was getting bad. Prices were rising. People were getting scared. Tyrael lead us to see what was causing the trade issue. There was a large pack of wolves that were highly aggressive. Usually they avoid humanoids except in extreme circumstances.

We have all been in a few scraps, but never together. When depending on others for your survive you have to develop a strong bond. Defeating the eight wolves even with a dire wolf was not very difficult, but anyone with combat experience would see we were new at working together.

Meryls short stature didn’t stop him from charging in close at every opportunity. Not brave, but reckless. Tyrael said, “Impressive little one.” when he downed the dire wolf. She grumbled when I dropped two after she hacked into them both gravely. I saw it as protecting my sister by ensuring they would not attack her, but all I got was, “stealing all my kills”. Yaquin smells of alcohol. It been days since I have seen him drink so either he sneaking it or has not taken a bath in months.

We found the remains of a caravan that the wolves had attacked. There were twelve royal guard dead and a letter sealed by the king. We took the letter to Nevergrim where the locals lived in fear. The wolves were just the beginning. There was rumor of a green dragon. People talked about how a large population of the town has gone missing lately. There were almost no shops open. Food was expensive and hard to find. Everyone was thin and looked hungry.

He headed to the keep outside the town. The guards were very jumpy and had no love of strangers. Tyrael presented the letter so they would bring the guard captain. She was a sour orc who tried to get rid of us, but in the fact we dispatched a large group of wolves she saw an opportunity. Why not use capable mercenary types to rid the town of the current problem. If we lied then we go missing, but if we are honest it cost her nothing.

Guard Captain Gurkar arranged for us to stay at the inn for free. Told us a notice board would be up soon so the town could post about the problems they are having. So the town’s people pay us to take care of what the guard can’t or won’t do. Whatever. Gain some capital, some renown and build a brand will help in any endeavor I decide to follow.


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