Friday Night Fantasy Age

Trivial Temple Troubles

An account by Jaquoin (sp?).

After being rudely awoken from my post hangover sleep, I made my way to what seemed to be a man / woman (I never can tell with dwarves) blacksmith. Finally. Seems like the middle elf child has some kind of rapport with this person and offered me quite a nice shield. Didn’t have enough to pay, though that didn’t stop me from taking it at first. It then occurred to me I may need to use this place more often, asked the elf if he had any coin. I haven’t had use for much coin on my travels. This may take some getting used to. With little hesitation he offed to front the rest of the bastards price. He was…a little too quick to pay. I don’t think its normal to smile a wide as he was while paying for someone else…gotta keep an eye out.

Rest of the party showed me the posted tasks available in this hovel of a town…why are we staying here again? I can’t remember. Don’t really care.

Crypt stood out to me. Crypts are old, lots of forgotten rooms and crevices. Places of forgotten times usually have the best chance to have forgotten knowledge. Why else would I be wasting my time?

Temple inside was old and scraping sounds seemed to pour from every dark passage. Priest wasn’t kidding when he said this place was tainted…sealed up door makes more sense now. Speaking of sealed doors….that little gnome sure knows how to throw his little weight around…

Found a ring on some dead sod’s finger. looked to be of some value but the rest of them looked at me like I was a monster. Maybe I’ll come back for it later.


WHY ARE WE DOWN HERE!?! These short round monstrosities have seem to found a love of my face, thank the gods another mage is with us. No one else seems to care it looks like my jaw is dislocated. Doesn’t matter, found a book that is going to become my new pet project. This language looks old! Found a piece of parchment that certainly looks like it could have some value. Not enough here to make any sense of yet. I didn’t expect to find anything like this down here! Want to get out of this god forsaken place now. I really don’t care what happens anymore.

Thinking about this book. Not really paying attention anymore.

More undead bullshit is made… un-undead? Must consult a grammar book for proper usage.

The orc, she likes that maul…perhaps a little too much. I’m going to keep a least 6 ft between her and myself.

Fucking clods, I can’t take a simple ring of a dead man so long gone I doubt anyone can even remember his name, but the orc can SMASH A PERSON TO DUST and no one bats an eye.



“Ahh, fresh meat.” I think that’s what I heard. That one is going to haunt me.

Portal down here doesn’t make sense. Gotta talk to the priest.


I love it.

I grant you +100 xp for this.

Trivial Temple Troubles
Kamakazie Kamakazie

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