Friday Night Fantasy Age

Culinary Excursions

On the subject of spices

Today we woke after a long and glorious celebration that the town threw in our honor for defeating the dragon. The celebration was bitter sweet and the merriment did little to quell my anger, for I have found the slayer of Master Baytore. After 2 years of searching I found the mage who killed him and I realized that I am completely and utterly incapable of avenging his death. Zolan is a powerful mystic. We witness his power when he slayed the dragon with a wave of his staff. A single beam from the tip of his staff struck the dragon and destroyed it. For Zolan it seemed as if he was swatting a fly.

I will bide my time and learn his weakness so that I can avenge my master and rid the world of this evil.

With the dragon slain we returned to the town and they lavished us with a feast to celebrate the destruction of the dragon. I, nor anyone else of our party, admitted to slaying the dragon, but we did not deny it either.

The next morning we assembled for breakfast. Eron the alchemist was in the kitchen of the inn, helping prepare the morning meals. It was after my second bite of my plate of eggs, bacon and sausage that I saw Eron’s skin melt from his body until all that was left was his skeleton, which then melted as well. Everyone in the inn melted in the same manner, save for my companions, their bodies puddles on the floor. Upstairs we found more of the same. Searching the rooms Yaqnin found strange silver coins. He bit into one to test the metal and found his mouth full of half an insect. He quickly spit it out and stepped on the creature, but he seemed to turn a shade of green in the process.

We looked out of the windows and saw only nothingness. Black and absolute nothingness. Torq opened the front door only to reveal nothing but complete blackness outside of the inn. He threw a chair out the door and it hung in the air, as if weightless. I threw a plate, hitting the chair and sending it floating away even faster.

We explored the cellar and found the inn’s stores. Most of their stores seemed to be spoiled. While in the basement a noise became evident. A constant tapping or clicking sound. It was hard to locate the source but it was definately coming form the basement. We could not find the source until we looked at the floor, and noticed it was moving. That is when we saw that the entire cellar floor was covered in a carpet of insects like the coin that Yaqnin had turned into…. and they were swarming to Yaqnin. We all quickly went up the stairs and in an attempt to free himself of the swarm Yaqnin tried to burn them away with a flame spell, which did kill a good portion of the bugs but also set the inn on fire. He then tried to use a water enchantment to quell the flames, but for some reason it only acted as fuel to spread the flames further.

Nothing we did helped the situation, the fire was going to burn down the inn. Meryl climbed up the chimney and shouted that there was a ferret on top of the roof. The ferret leaped off the building and we saw the ferret land on where the ground should have been. With the fire spreading I held to the door frame and tested the ‘ground.’

Finding that there was suitable footing we all exited the inn and followed the ferret. The ferret spoke to us. His name was Pabu and he told us this was where he lived. He did not know how to leave but he did point us to the bad men he did not like.


Following his directions we found the Duke’s home guarded by two of his guard, Steve and Fred. They looked like themselves, except they had black liquid running from their eyes. They would not let us pass and a battle ensued.

During the battle we all spoke in song for some reason and at times with strange accents.

With Fred and Steve defeated we tried to enter the gate only to face a huge scorpion with the front half of captain of the guards (need name)


After defeating her the Duke’s home disintegrated and a glowing purple swirl was left in it’s place. Pabu appeared and said it was most likely a portal and could lead home. Torq touched it and disappeared. I touched it and found myself seated at the breakfast table, with my companions. All of us had strange looks on our faces.

Eron came out and asked how we liked breakfast and how we found his new spice to be….. and that question alone explained everything.

Rath’ss Longtail


Kamakazie Belsin

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