Friday Night Fantasy Age

10.30.15 (Tenebris's Journal)

Crazy Wizard

Yaquin’s spent his money drinking last night. He was in no condition to be useful when our group assembled. So while he slept in I repossessed the shield. Tylilris seemed interested in using it anyway and since Yaquin will spend most of the day hiding in bed it no big deal. I wonder when he going to ask what the loan terms are. I know what I was going to charge him, but at this point I could said he owes me anything.

Finally remember the two fire beetle eggs from a few weeks ago. Gave on to Charsi and the other to Eron with the group with me. I have to remember to go alone. Both my sister have no patients. They were tied of my haggling before it even got going. You would think a mage and a politician would see that an extra few minutes can help us greatly.

So the angry guard captain found us with a way to held the dragon. There was a wizard who became a little unstable so he left the dukes employe. This crazy mage Zolan should be able to help us with the problem. He lives in a mansion south of town past the river. We found his place as the sun was setting, but there was no answer.

Torq found a key under the doormat with the words ”Go Away”. I pocketed the key after we entered. You never know if it could be handy later. The foyer had four painting each with a different figure. The first painting depicted a mage directly across from the door. Above that painting the words “Go Away” written very clearly on the wall. It clear Zolan does not want company. The other three picture had a rogue and two warriors. The room felt like a trap, but before I could say anything people were touching paintings. To be honest I don’t think my sisters would have listened to me. The floor dropped out after the second painting was touched.

We landed hard with magic that was damping any form of light or natural ability to see in the dark to be half as effective. We moved in the only direction available to find a T intersection shortly down the passage with the words, “You Were Warned”. This guy is either mad or doing very important work, but why can’t it be both. We choose to go left. I started to map the place figuring someone who doesn’t want guests would use a maze to keep them busy.

There was a noise of a crazed beast some where in the tunnels. A blue ghost appeared behind us. We moved away to avoid fighting it since only Rath’ss and Tylilris could hurt it. Maybe there was a spell at work, but I think we were panicking. Everyone was concerned of getting trapped between the ghost and whatever was making the noise. It sounded like the beast was getting closer to us and the ghost was pursuing at a leisurely pace. With only the two options heading toward the beast at full speed was the group’s choice. The next T intersection we opted to move away finding an orange ghost in that direction. The group ran back toward the beast again now with ghosts in the only two other directions. We didn’t know what it would be, but killing it before the ghost catch up sounded like a good idea.

Once again a T intersection was before us. We choose right toward the beast to find a minotaur right around the corner. He was massive. Rath’ss charged from the back of the party with only the groups murmuring to tell him our flesh target was impairing travel. Torq had an angle from right around the corner to throw a dagger. There was chatter the beast was knocked off balance from the attack. Tyrael took the remaining space blocking the passage to face the threat.

I was in the rear with Tylilris. She shot arcane energy at the faded orange foe. Meryl moved to the space behind our two front line fighters just waiting and I swear I heard growling, but perhaps it was the minotaur dealing a savage hit to Tyrael. I moved to the last space behind Rath’ss leaving my sister in the rear. The beast was an easy target for my arrow, but I feared Tylilris would be just as easy for the spirit. I yelled for Rath’ss to move to the rear and protect her with the magic mace.

Too my surprise a red ghost came from the unexplored left tunnel on the T behind me. It reached into my chest squeezing my heart. A pain I can’t be translated into words. Rath’ss heeded my words breaking off from the minotaur a full speed. He got to the back of the party with his magic weapon, but even with it he still had trouble connecting. The minotaur was an easy target, but he absorbed every hit like he was dealing with insects. Blood thirsty little Meryl moved into the open spot right before Tyrael was downed.

Tylilris could not reach our sister the way our party clogged the corridor. Healing the wounded was more important then hurting the red phantom since our party was surrounded. I dragged our unconscious sister under me within easy reach. The red ghost did more heart ripping and Rath’ss screamed in anguish from the orange. I thought we were in trouble, but when Tyrael was standing again the feeling changed. The minotaur was downed with a few more hard blows and Rath’ss was able to hurt his ghost. All the ghosts retreated at that point leaving us enough time to catch our breath and take the horns for a trophy.

The minotaur had killed others before us. Searching the body produced a dinner invitation that Tyrael held onto. Hurrying through the maze was difficult when you need to track progress, but there was a stairwell leading us out. The upper area was well furnished. We found a library where we all looked through to find anything of interest. Maybe Yaquin will quit drinking, but I doubt it. There were a few inconsequential zombie that turned out to be servants. We returned to a similar entry way to find golems guarding it. Tyrael produced the invitation which they scanned and allowed us to pass.

I wouldn’t say Zolan was angry. It seemed more like annoyed and frustrated. He remarked how hard it is to train zombies to not eat humans and finding more creatures for his maze. I am glad we never said anything about the library, but we he notice right away. He very absorbed in work I might be a long time before he takes a real look at the selves.

He listen to the dragon tale with little empathy or concern, but the fact a dragon could cause a large distribution to him left unchecked might be the only reason he helped. We discovered how powerful he was compared to us in the dragon’s cave so it not like he had to listen to us. Rath’ss revealed Zolan was the killer of his and my sisters master. I can’t image our lives meant anything. If he killed us then more adventure might get through his maze.

I convinced Zolan giving us or me one purple twenty sided jewel that would allow us to by pass all his defenses was a good idea. After all the dragon was a minor event to him, but he understood we did not seek him out lightly. If we are going to us it then it needs to be a very serious situation that would cause major destruction.

(In cypher) Tylilris had asked about training, but Zolan didn’t care about anything other then being rid of us. He claimed no treasure or trophy. We took both, but I will not boost about this story. It one thing to inflate yourself a little, but it better to say nothing. We brought in the stolen items and the head. Everyone will assume we killed the creature, but I will never brag about this tale. If we are ever pressed or discovered I can always say you jumped to the conclusion but I never told you we defeated a dragon. It’s great to be a town hero, but people don’t like being lied to.


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