Friday Night Fantasy Age

10.2.15 (Tenebris's Journal)


Yaquin was very focused on getting a shield. A few weeks ago he was going to break into the abandoned blacksmith shop just to get one. Charsi was welcoming as always and she had created the an item for first spoils Rath’ss and I brought in. The fire beetle’s wings made a great shield with some extra fire protection. The mage could not contain himself and was determined to leave with the shield. Her price was more then he had and I couldn’t haggle her down to what he had, but I could loan him the money.

I offered. He excepted. I explained there be interest involved. He never asked terms at all. So he owes me twenty five silver plus interest. Maybe the rate should be variable based on how useful he is to use in each mission or how much he drinks each day. To much book keeping.

After leaving the shop I wanted to stop at Eron shop to see if we could get better details on the Narakinb Kush plant he need for mana potions. He described at as green and purple plant that would be found in the swamps. Tyrael was tired of us stopping in the shops. How she got into a position of power with no patients is a wonder. I just wanted to check in in case there was important information to prevent us from overlooking something that could help us later.

A large female orc named Khagralie that knows Meryl showed up. Maybe Meryl learned how to fight from her. She doesn’t talk very much.

Father Abby was relieved we were here to explore the crypts. He explained how the noise were getting louder and more frequent. Ripping down the ornate door seal gave me the feeling of entering a place where we don’t belong. The doorway revealed a round chamber with three passages to follow. Heading west lead to six cracked coffins that no longer have occupants.

A ways past the coffin the living skeletal remains were walking around and violent. They was very little challenge fighting them, but the next creature was difficult to stomach. We called it a Pooze. I can’t believe that a true name, but asking silly questions in combat distracts everyone. For anyone who reads this yes it was a moving ooze that strongly resembled body waste. The Pooze split into multiple smaller versions after getting attacked for a while. I was glad when we finished dealing with the creature.

I have no problem talking treasure from dead creatures, but when you don’t know why the dead are walking around it not a good idea. The ghost Rath’ss and I fought needed to be put to rest properly to stop effecting the living world. For all we know someone taking treasure from a corpse that is not already walking around might be enough to rise the dead spirit.

I tried to limit the coffin pilfering, but I know Meryl grabbed a few things when I could spare time to watch him. Yaquin found a single paper from a tome called The Leafs of Thippusin. All the mage wanted to do was look for books the remainder of the time.

There were six zombones once we headed east down the other tunnel off the entry room. Yes they had more bones the regular zombies or more flesh than normal skeletons so a cross name sounded correct.

Deep in the crypt was a demon using a magical cleaver standing between us and a portal to the Netatura Realm. His eyes showed a crazed gleam that might be common for demons or maybe he takes pleasure in using his cleaver to butcher anyone that interferes with his plans.

The long battle ended with Meryl keeping the cleaver so he could sell it to Khagralie. She might be one of the few of us who can lift it anyway. We discussed how a ritual had to be preformed to open a dimensional rift and since the catacombs seal was intact on our arrival the only option was someone or thing opened the portal from the other side. So the demon butcher must have opened it or had someone open it for him.


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